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  1. Before you start with this create a file in your logs folder (eg : 'query.log') and grant laravel write access to it.
  2. Place the snippet in your '/app/start/local.php' file. (or routes.php or anywhere...)
  3. Access artisan from your console and type this
$ php artisan tail --path="app/storage/logs/query.log"


$path = storage_path().'/logs/query.log';

App::before(function($request) use($path) {
    $start = PHP_EOL.'=| '.$request->method().' '.$request->path().' |='.PHP_EOL;
    File::append($path, $start);

DB::listen(function($sql, $bindings, $time) use($path) {
    // Uncomment this if you want to include bindings to queries
    //$sql = str_replace(array('%', '?'), array('%%', '%s'), $sql);
    //$sql = vsprintf($sql, $bindings);
    $time_now = (new DateTime)->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');;
    $log = $time_now.' | '.$sql.' | '.$time.'ms'.PHP_EOL;
    File::append($path, $log);

출처: http://www.laravel-tricks.com/tricks/real-time-log-of-eloquent-sql-queries


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